6 tips for effective user interviews

19th October 2020

User interviews are a great way to generate ideas, and pinpoint issues. These tips will help you get a bit more out of those sessions.

Prioritising people in the design process

15th September 2020

If we want our projects to run smoothly, we need to involve our clients, teams and users throughout the design process.

The value of UX strategy

2nd September 2020

There’s a lot more to design than just the user interface. We need to think holistically to create the best experiences.

What are affordances, and why do they matter?

14th August 2020

Affordances are characteristics that suggest interactivity. They provide hints that help users to understand your UI faster.

Designing for ‘why?’

28th July 2020

To create effective user experiences we need to start with understanding the problem, before committing to a solution.

‘Poka-Yoke’ Design, and the art of error-proofing

14th July 2020

This amazing product design principle is something we should all aim for. Don’t respond to errors – prevent them!

5 ideas for user research when you can’t talk to users

30th June 2020

At times, getting direct access to your users can be tricky. In this article we discuss 5 ways to conduct audience research, even when you can’t talk to people.

Design Sprints. What are they, and why should you try one?

16th June 2020

This week-long process for design and discovery is a great way to kick-start your project. Learn about how Design Sprints work, and when you should use them.

What is a Discovery Phase?

2nd June 2020

A Discovery Phase gives agencies the time to understand a client’s problems, before committing to a solution.

Choosing a suitable project management tool

26th May 2020

Simply put, there are too many to choose from. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer.

Designing the perfect landing page

19th May 2020

One of the most important roles of your website is to turn first-time visitors into loyal customers. Landing pages play a massive part in this.

Streamlining a website’s navigation : a practical example

12th May 2020

Intuitive navigation starts with good information architecture. In this post we share five simple steps to refine a cluttered navigation.

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