Looking forward to a post Covid-19 world

Thinking ahead to what the post Covid-19 world will look like at Pixel Fridge.

I have to start by saying that I realise the complete eradication of Covid-19 in our world is probably unrealistic. However, I do look forward to normal being normal again and more importantly how that looks for us all at Pixel Fridge.

We are an agency built (and building) around people; staff and clients. Current circumstances have had a major impact on our world as well as our working environment. For us at Pixel Fridge, losing that human interaction has been hard. We thrive as a team that can bounce ideas off one another, ask what we’re up to that evening and just talk. Talking without having to look into a computer, that kind of talking.

It would be repetitive and hence dangerously boring for me to talk about the impact of Covid-19 on Pixel Fridge. Instead I want to share a few things that this pandemic will hopefully allow us to implement moving forward (when we’re allowed).

Getting back to an office

We aren’t like a lot of tech companies. We want to have an office. We want to give our team the ability to have a place to work, away from their place to live. I don’t think we will ever be a fully remote agency for that reason exactly. One thing we will be doing is making sure our office is a good place to be and work. Plants, light, fruit and all the other healthy clichés. Making sure our office spaces are enjoyable places to spend working time will be a priority (I know, odd when lots of companies are looking to ditch the traditional office!).

Plants, light, fruit and all the other healthy clichés.

Illustration of two people drinking and talking

Encouraging days away from the (inspiring) office

Without sounding too contradicting, we will be encouraging our team to spend a day or two per week not in the office. Whether that day is at home, in a coffee shop or at a friends house we will be encouraged to see our team enjoying a change of scene. This pandemic has shown us that a change to the routine can do wonders for our mental wellbeing and as a result our concentration. Why not embrace being able to work somewhere inspiring (even more so than the office) for a day here and there? Don’t fret, we won’t be forcing anything on anyone!

Investing in social (not media, actual real life social)

As a business, we will be investing in socialising. Our clients benefit from us working our best and we do this when we have time together. People have different ideas of what an enjoyable social experience is. We respect that. We want to provide our team with a platform to mingle doing activities they enjoy. Whether it is spending some time away from the screens as a team, venturing out for a meal together or just mixing our two offices for a few days. We will be looking to give our team an opportunity to socialise face to face as much as possible.

Spending time with our clients

If you don’t want to do more of this when we’re allowed, then something isn’t quite right. Zoom and Hangouts are great, but I firmly believe they can never replace that human interaction. Those little body language signals, the quick jokes and multiple conversations happening at once. These are all things that are taken away by having to converse using technology.

We work with our clients because we want to. We want to spend more time with our clients post Covid-19. Whether it is reviewing designs face to face, running CMS training sessions or just checking in then we will be pushing to do this in a real life room and hopefully invest in our relationships as human beings.

We work with our clients because we want to.

We’re learning as each week passes. We want to listen to our team and learn so that when things are back to normal we can do our best to make work as enjoyable as possible.

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