Kudu Collective

Restaurant & Bar Group Website

A group of family-run restaurants and bars in London. We provided Kudu Collective with a fresh new website that could be easily updated and scale along with their growing business.

The Challenge

Hailed as “Peckham’s Darling”, Kudu is one of South East London’s most acclaimed restaurants. Founders Amy & Patrick had big plans to expand, starting with two new venues. A Tapas restaurant in late 2019, and a Cocktail bar in 2020. Along with the flagship Kudu restaurant, these would operate under a fresh new brand called Kudu Collective.

Whilst the Kudu restaurant already had a website, it didn’t represent the premium feel they wanted. It also didn’t offer the flexibility to edit their menu, or expand to showcase new additions to the Collective.

They needed a fresh, contemporary site that could adapt and grow to match the business itself. Pixel Fridge worked with Kudu Collective to craft a brand new site. One that not only provided a better user experience, but improved flexibility for content managers.

What we did

Collaborating with Amy & Patrick in the early stages, we held workshops and design reviews in the Kudu restaurant itself. This started with prioritising the reasons why someone might visit the site. These user goals were then used to inform the experience.

Wasting no time, we moved into wireframe prototyping. The aim was to iterate quickly as our understanding of the website’s requirements grew.

The Kudu menu is visually striking and the site design needed to represent this. We made sure the brand’s amazing photography was placed at the forefront. The food, drink and interiors needed to be portrayed in the best possible light. The result is a contemporary visual design, putting emphasis on the venue.

Flexibility for content managers was a key consideration. Kudu Collective wanted the ability to manage their own places and menus without needing to edit any website code. We crafted an easy-to-use but incredibly flexible content management system built in WordPress. Kudu Collective can even whole add new venues to the site, future-proofing it as their business grows.

"They are the nicest people to work with and make the process a pleasure, one of the best investments I’ve made to my business."

Amy Corbyn, Founder of Kudu Collective

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