Threshold Sports

Component-based event websites

Threshold Sports host a wide range of sporting events throughout the UK, from fun-runs to ultra-marathons. We gave them a more efficient way to create and manage the web presence of each one.

The Challenge

Threshold Sports organise and run mass-participation sporting events. They hold some of the biggest ones in the running & cycling calendar, from the Deloitte Ride Across Britain to Heineken Race to the Castle. Whilst each event needs a separate online presence, they often share many user requirements & goals. These include things like :

  • Signing up for the event.
  • Getting the key race day information.
  • Learning about the course profile.
  • Reading training guides and tips.
  • Feeling inspired with social content and stories.

Rather than design and build each event website from scratch, Threshold Sports were seeking a more elegant solution. That’s where Pixel Fridge came in.

We helped to design and develop a single web solution from which Threshold Sports could power their various websites. This would save them time when launching new events. It would also ensure that each new site delivered a consistently great user experience.

Trail Runners - Threshold
Kick off workshop - Threshold
Early web design mockups - Threshold

The Result

We worked with Threshold Sports to define the user needs for each event, translating them into website requirements. During this discovery process, we planned a flexible component library and site builder.

Components were planned as the building blocks of the event websites, each representing a different content or feature need. Whilst many of the events are similar, none are identical. Core to the project’s success was ensuring the flexibility of the site builder. We needed to cater for the varying content and priorities of each individual event.

This approach means that Threshold Sports can create, theme and customise each event separately, whilst sharing a central codebase and design language. It also creates alignment between the analytics data of their different websites. Using a consistent URL structures and google tag manager events means the team can quickly understand and action decisions based on usage.

Within 8 months Threshold Sports had already launched six event websites using the platform. The work represents a huge efficiency gain for their business and a much better online experience for their thousands of users.

"The guys have done an incredible job getting our sites live in just a few months. They’ve been accommodating with alteration, updates and ensuring things are running smoothly."

Chris Clarke, Marketing Manager at Threshold Sports

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