Who’s Your Momma?

Online mentoring platform

Developing a bespoke mentoring platform for women working in the UK creative industry.

The Challenge

Powered by SheSays, Who’s Your Momma? is a volunteer-run programme for women working in the UK creative industry. Since 2015, the programme has paired over 300 women with incredible mentors (“Mommas”). The programme’s mission is to see more women rise to the top of their game, and smash through their career goals, from having the confidence to go for that well-earned promotion or simply knowing how to manage an awkward colleague.

When SheSays first contacted us, the matchmaking process for Who’s Your Momma? was totally manual. This made things very time-consuming, and limited the number of mentees who could be placed through the programme. Looking to expand their capabilities and embrace digital, SheSays approached us for help.

Photo of a mentor and mentee
Who's Your Momma - Think Big
Who's Your Momma - Go You!

The Work

We developed a digital mentoring and matchmaking platform specifically for Who’s Your Momma?. We did this from the ground up, crafting the user interface and creating a matchmaking algorithm specifically around the programme’s requirements.

We recreated the Who’s Your Momma? website using WordPress, providing the SheSays team with a content management system that gives them the ability to maintain control over all content, as well as the ability to open and close the programme application process as required. For applicants, we created a bespoke, easy to follow form, so that they can submit their interest in becoming a mentor or a mentee.

Asking applicants to answer a few simple checkbox-based questions provides the data required for the application to generate “matches”, triggering the matching process and connecting mentees to their mentors.

Other Work